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On Sunday, two Team PokerStars pros proved that you do not need to risk a dime to be competitive in poker. Barry Greenstein won the inaugural Billionaire Club Championship on PokerStars with 2003 WSOP Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker coming in second.

The historic event featured the largest buy-in in play money tournament history, a staggering one billion play chips. Previously, the largest play money tournament buy-in on PokerStars had been just 1 million play chips. Anyone believing that this would play out like your standard play money event online was in for a pleasant surprise.

All About the Competition

With 31 players in the field and the fact that this was a “play money” event, you would expect a few quick eliminations. Instead, these players competed as they were playing for a WCOOP bracelet. In the first 90 minutes of action, only four players had been eliminated

This event was a largely American affair with 24 of the 31 players coming from the United States. Making the final table of this event was not enough, as only four players would emerge with a virtual payday. Once the final four was reached, Team PokerStars pros Barry Greenstein and Chris Moneymakers emerged as the headliners.

Ultimately, those two pros battled each other for the title. While heads-up play only lasted 15 minutes, the two managed to crank out 89 hands. In the end, won a huge race to take down the title and $13.95 billion in play chips.

Greenstein streamed his tournament, including his epic win, entirely on Twitch. Of the victory, he stated, “I’m proud to have won the first-ever championship. I really enjoyed playing in the event, especially because I was able to share it with my Twitch audience while I played. Facing Chris Moneymaker heads up was a lot of fun. I thought Chris got the best of me in the play, but I held better cards overall and won a race on the final hand to secure the title.”

Full results from the event:

Billionaire Club Championship

Entry: One Billion Play Chips

Entries: 31

Prize pool: 31,000,000,000

Places paid: 4

  1. barryg1 – Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein – 13,950,000,000
  2. Money800 – Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker – 9,300,000,000
  3. Mack.e.Knife – USA- 4,650,000,000
  4. cashcard52 – USA- 3,100,000,000

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James Guill

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