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Magic: The Gathering is a modern day gaming phenomenon. In 2011, the game was attracting an estimated 12 million players, and that number would have increased dramatically in recent times, especially with the growing presence online.

The game has also spawned a whole host of top notch professional poker players, with World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winners David Williams, Brock Parker, Justin Bonomo and Scott Seiver spending time playing Magic: The Gathering at quite a high level.

A lot of people have moved from Magic to poker but I have a lot of friends from Magic that have gone into finance or technical fields but basically they’re mentally prepared to succeed in anything in life,” Williams told PokerListings during a 2013 interview on the subject.

A 23-year old entrepreneur, Michael Kimble, wants to bring the two games closer together, and he needs your help to turn his idea into a tangible reality. The Michigan ideas man has launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise $10,000 to help him launch a range of poker chips that can be used in the Magic: The Gathering game. The seed money will allow Kimble to order 10,000 custom made ‘Action Chips.’ They look, feel and riffle like your bog-standard poker chips, but the plan is to use them as part of the Magic experience. Kimble has created five different types of ‘action chips’ for the game: • A One +1/+1 Counter Chip • A Five +1/+1 Counter Chip • A Twenty-Five +1/+1 Counter Chip • A One-Hundred +1/+1 Counter Chip • A Do Not Untap Chip The chips are used on permanents like Creatures and Planeswalkers instead of using a traditional die. Kimble believes this is a more effective approach since you can’t always see what number you are turning to when using a die. The ‘Do Not Untap’ chip is used for locking down a tap permanent so you don’t try to untap it in your untapped step. Once the creature gets tapped, place the chip on the creature and you have your reminder. And last, but not least, you get to riffle poker chips whilst waiting for your opponent to make a move. “As a backer you will receive a discount on my chips as they will start out at $1.25 per chip and go for as much as $2.00,” Kimble said. Once Kimble has purchased his first 10,000 chips, he will use the remainder of the cash to create better chip graphics, a durable and professional carrying case, and a website. At the time of writing he had two backers donating $223, and 19 days to go until the campaign ends. If you are a Magic: The Gathering player who loves his poker, or vice versa, then head over to his Kickstarter campaign and help the guy out.

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