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Social Media Post Led to Felony Charges for Dan Bilzerian

Poker certainly has an abundance of colorful and controversial characters, some who have developed an image or reputation, either wittingly or not, that defines how they are known to the public at large.

Whether behaving like a brat, finishing every sentence with the word “baby,” being known for having an icy stare at the tables, or choosing to avoid the media after winning millions, the players that make up the world of poker develop a following of both fans and critics. But none have a greater following or seem to stir up opposite feelings of love and hate more than Dan Bilzerian.

The ‘King of Instagram,’ who can boast of social media followers totaling more than six million, has become an Internet sensation simply by sharing his life with the rest of the world. Posting photos, tweets and videos that favor guns, girls and expensive cars, Bilzerian is thought by many to have used social media perhaps better than any other in establishing an image and gaining considerable fame and notoriety.

Instagram Post Leads to Arrest

But that affinity for sharing his life with the public is apparently responsible for the criminal charges that Bilzerian currently faces. Those felony charges were levied last month in Nevada — two counts of possessing bomb-making materials.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Nevada police and federal agents became wise to Bilzerian blowing up part of a semi truck in the Nevada desert with more than 90 lbs. of mixed explosives when he posted a photo of himself doing so in November. That led to the authorities searching the area and finding enough evidence to make an arrest, which they did on December 11 at Los Angeles International Airport.

The allegations against the 34-year-old and co-defendant Jeremy David Guymon carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison and $5,000 in fines. The first court date on the explosives charges was on Friday, January 9, but neither defendant appeared in court as their attorneys asked for time to perhaps work out a plea bargain with prosecutors.

The judge granted the request, setting February 6 for a status hearing on the matter. Bilzerian and Guymon remain free on bond.

Instagram Addict?

The arrest has apparently not deterred Bilzerian’s love of posting his exploits on social media for all the world to see. On January 6, almost a month after his arrest and just a few days before his court date, the Instagram king, who claims to have won millions playing high stakes cash poker, was back in the desert with firearm in hand.

This time around Bilzerian toned down his actions, blowing up only a soda can. Take a look at the video below.



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