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Viktor Blom Wins $1.7 million in 6 hours

During the last few days, we have seen Viktor “Isildur1” Blom struggling at the Nosebleed tables. He run way below EV in a few consecutive sessions. Well, you know that variance is Lady Justice, and Blom finally got what he deserved.

Everything happened today, after Blom and high stakes pro Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene opened a $500/$1000 CAP PLO table. They single-tabled for a while, but then decided to add two more tables to speed up the action. After two hours at the tables, Blom was leading with a $200k profit. They played some more hands, and decided to add more tables. At this point, Blom’s winnings matched EV results, but Lady Variance was ready to give him back what she took him the last days.

Isildur managed to build a stack of over $1m in a single table, something incredible considering the fact that it was a CAP game. After 2 hours of play in that table, Isildur was $1m above EV, with a profit of $1.25 million.

The next period of the match was for Bttech’s benefit, who was able to recover from the big hits to find himself down ‘only’ $600k. The players split their stacks and start playing 4 tables with more aggressive action.

Blom recovered the control of the match and, after playing almost 5 hours, he won $1 million from Bttech86. Bad news continued to come for the Tollerene, who lost another $680k in the last hour of the match. In the end,Isildur took a profit of over $1.7 million after this terrific six-hour match.

With this performance, Viktor Blom is once again the biggest winner of the year up to date at the nosebleeds, having won over $4 million dollars.

Once again, the sickest player in the world paralyzes the world with his action at the tables. How much will this amazing run last? Don’t miss the action at the Nosebleeds!

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