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Undisputed Full Tilt Claims May be Paid Quickly

Before the Full Tilt remission process got underway, there had been several reports indicating that reimbursement would be a lengthy ordeal even after all claims had been submitted.

This may no longer be the case. Former U.S. Full Tilt players who have no reason to dispute the amount that claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG) has on record as their account balances may not be waiting as long as originally feared, according to Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas.

“I’m of the opinion that people who have undisputed claims should be able to get their money fairly quickly, and that’s from the DOJ,” Pappas recently told PocketFives. “I have a feeling they’ll be able to process payments to people and, at the same time, deal with disputed claims. The fact is, there will be plenty of money to distribute.”

Early indications are that a number of players with rather small balances remaining on Full Tilt are not bothering to subject themselves to the remission process. The result is that the DoJ may find themselves with excess cash when all is said and done. Even after paying the GCG for handling the monumental task.

Speaking of the GCG, many players had early on been critical of the top-ranked claims administration firm. However, as of late, the general consensus is that the GCG has perhaps been hitting their stride in solving the initial problems that had surfaced. There has been less complaining and greater contentment among players who previously had issues with the entire process.

“They have been learning as they go,” said Pappas of the GCG. “We have a very in-tune community that is following every move they make, so every misstep is amplified. They maybe did not anticipate some of the challenges they were going to have. We are hopeful they have the kinks worked out and, once the deadline comes, they will quickly repay.”

Less than three weeks remain for submitting a Petition for Remission before the November 16, 2013 deadline. Although players with undisputed claims shouldn’t expect payment by November 17, it is likely that reimbursement won’t be dragged out until late 2014 as some earlier estimates had projected. Those who have yet to file a claim can do so at



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