Survey Says: Money to Stay on Full Tilt

A poll of players indicates that only about 10% will immediately withdraw their reimbursed Full Tilt funds.
1224 6th November, 2012 The Full Tilt Saga
Survey Says: Money to Stay on Full Tilt

A recent poll of players taken on a TwoPlusTwo forum indicates that slightly better than two-thirds plan to play on the relaunched Full Tilt instead of immediately withdrawing their funds.

Although the poll is by no means official and was answered by a small sample of only 561 respondents, it may be indicative of the leanings of players. A total of 379 players, 67.56%, will grind it out on Full Tilt with their reimbursed funds. Sixty-one players, 10.87% of those who chose to take part in the poll, admit to being in favor of an immediate cashout. Another 13.37% plan on taking advantage of the Deal Me In Bonus and cashing out after clearing the bonus. The remaining 8.2% of players have put themselves in the new player category and will make a deposit and play.

If the poll happens to be accurate, it means that almost all of those who have been fed up with over a year of waiting for their funds and cashout will be replaced by a new breed of depositors. While the Full Tilt brand has been dragged through the mud since Black Friday, it appears that the company's marketing department won't have such a difficult time in rebuilding the Full Tilt name and player base as once thought.

The survey allowed respondents to answer only one of the four questions on what their plans are upon relaunch. A problem with the poll was pointed out by one poster who said, "Where is the option for: I live in America, cry a little bit inside."


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