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Rakeback Approved for U.S. Full Tilt Affiliates

Former Full Tilt players in the U.S. tagged as affiliates in the remission process will be able to claim rakeback payments following a new update made at claims administrator Garden City Group’s official website.

The posting dated February 4 at states that the DoJ “does not consider rakeback an Affiliate payment and will include rakeback payments in approved remission amounts.” That announcement comes on the heels of a January 31 posting by the GCG advising that 8,400 notices containing information regarding the submission of Petitions for Remission was sent to affiliates.

A number of affiliates took to 2 + 2 to voice their displeasure following the late January posting and after receiving their notices by lambasting the DoJ for apparently using a formula that disqualified rakeback payments. Many of the posters insisted that the rakeback accrued in their Full Tilt accounts was in no way connected to affiliate endeavors.

The DoJ is known to follow the thread dedicated to the Full Tilt remission process at 2 + 2 and one can certainly speculate that the complaints from angry players were heard loud and clear by the powers that be at the DoJ in charge of making such decisions. The February 4 GCG announcement clarifies the issue that had been troubling a number of affiliates since the January 31 posting.

While discrepancies will likely exist in the claims to be submitted by affiliates in advance of the March 2 due date, the GCG’s latest announcement makes it clear that the burden of proving that affiliate revenue is separate from monies received via rakeback falls upon each individual player. An explanation will be necessary to convince the DoJ that funds deducted from the balance due to being labeled as affiliate earnings are, in actuality, legitimate rakeback not subject to account balance deduction.

The GCG has updated information regarding the remission process a number of times since the claim acceptance period began in the middle of September. While the entire process has been fraught with complications related to account balances of some players who have either disputed the amount the DoJ has on record or were labeled as affiliates and pros, the GCG has done an admirable job of keeping the lines of communication open and providing updates to those players.

At this point in the remission process, $82 million is on its way to about 30,000 players with undisputed claims in three weeks or so. Roughly 8,400 affiliates need to file their claims by March 2, detailing the differentiation between rakeback and affiliate earnings. The fate of the account balances of pro players is still under review. Those pros will be duly notified via email and given 30 days to submit their Petitions for Remission once a decision regarding eligibility is made.



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