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PPA May Appeal to Congress for U.S. Full Tilt Funds

The Poker Players Alliance, exasperated at the length of time taken by the DoJ in returning funds to U.S. Full Tilt players, may summon the assistance of federal lawmakers.

In a recent interview with CardPlayer, PPA Executive Director John Pappas stated that he isn’t sure when the remission process being facilitated by the Garden City Group will actually start cutting checks for players. Also unknown is whether players will receive 100% of their account balances.

Pappas pointed out that it’s now been well over two years since funds have been frozen on the site for Americans while rest-of-world players were made whole after Full Tilt’s relaunch in November. PokerStars settled its claims in full with players worldwide shortly after the U.S. domain seizures on Black Friday in April 2011.

It’s anybody’s guess whether prompting lawmakers to ignite a fire under the DoJ and get the remission process moving will have any effect. These are the same lawmakers who have been sitting on their hands when it comes to gathering support for federal online poker legislation that would do away with the need for individual states to enact legislation of their own.

Pappas further said that he believes that many players with somewhat insignificant balances tied up on Full Tilt may forego the remission process altogether. The PPA honcho also stated that some players with relatively large amounts of money owed may refrain from pursuing reimbursement due to certain “tax liabilities” that may be imposed. This will likely result in the DoJ ending up with an excess of funds after all is said and done.

It’s kind of hard to believe that players owed money won’t try to obtain that money. Whether it’s a low-stakes player who’s owed $75 or a pro grinder with more than $100,000 in his account, the money is rightfully theirs and worthy of pursuing. But I wouldn’t count on federal lawmakers expediting the process in any way.

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