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PPA and DoJ Set for Meeting

While rest-of-world players are able to withdraw funds after Full Tilt’s relaunch on November 6, US players are still without access to their account balances. The Department of Justice is still seeking a payment processor to facilitate the return of approximately $200 million.

The Poker Players Alliance and the Department of Justice will meet on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing remission process, according to PPA member Patrick “Skallagram” Fleming who posted on Two Plus Two. PPA executive director John Pappas and attorney Marc Zwillinger (who once worked for the DoJ) will represent the lobbying group, while the Feds will have three or four attorneys present at the hearing.

Fleming assured posters that the PPA is following the repayment and remission thread, and that concerns “will be relayed to the DOJ.” The issue of inaccurate account histories, a newly discovered problem, will also be addressed:

“As to the latest issue of your account histories not reflecting late changes and uncashed withdrawals. That is a bit of a new development as, remember, we were all assured FTP had already done this fixing. Of course, lots of things we were “assured of” have not proven to be correct. I suppose it is possible the histories are not the same information given to the DOJ – meaning maybe FTP fixed it for the DOJ but not in the account history section for players. Either way, it is encouraging that we have account histories available and that for at least some the numbers are correct.

You can be assured that we will make the DOJ aware of this issue, try and find out the cause, and suggest ways to make sure players are protected.” Skallagram


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