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Pokerstars Offer to Buy FTP Rumoured to be 'Bluff'

On Wednesday 11th July 2012, James Barnes, a former legal counsel at Party Gaming, released a series of Tweets which opens up a whole new can of worms on the Full Tilt Poker takeover saga:


While still unverified speculation at this stage, valued industry commentators such as Joe “Tall” Bunevith, founder of popular training site Deuces cracked, suggest that Barnes, formerly of Party gaming, is a neutral and credible source of inside information with little reason to publish unsubstantiated speculation. Barnes does of course have close ties with the largest direct competitor of Pokerstars, although in many ways that would strengthen the validity of his claims, after all, why would he want to embarrass himself and Party by making such a claim if it had little to no substance behind it?

Pokerstars were quick to completely dismiss the Twitter claims as “False” as one would expect.

Many have speculated that it makes perfect sense for Stars to bluff the deal, as it has allowed them to maintain a market monopoly for as long as possible & will continue to do so until another viable buyer comes along. On the other hand, for Pokerstars to renege on the deal would certainly do them no favours when it comes to entry in to the U.S market.

As previously stated, it’s a war of speculation right now & not an awful lot is clear, PokerUpdate simply felt compelled to report on the issue.

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