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Pokerstars Finds Way to Reimburse Italian Players has found a way to pay back Full Tilt Poker players without breaking any of the laws that they were running up against and causing them major headaches regarding reimbursement.  Full Tilt had operated in Italy after the law banning all non .it sites took effect, and as a consequence, it made it illegal for any .it site to reimburse those players via cash or bonus.  This ran against what Pokerstars wanted to do in order to get money back to Italian players after purchasing Full Tilt last year.

Pokerstars is going to be offering a lot of value added tournaments, half-price tournaments, cash game bonuses and other bonuses that equal the amount of money that players had remaining in their accounts.  While this means that not everyone is going to get their full balance back, it’s significantly better than getting nothing, which is what would have happened if Pokerstars couldn’t find a way around the current laws.  The site has a lot more details about what Italian players can expect to get, as well as when they can expect to get a lot of these perks.

The move by Pokerstars to find a way around the Italian laws is just another example of the site going above and beyond what players have come to expect from poker sites.  They once again buy themselves good will and make players feel even more comfortable about having large sums of money sitting on the site.  Also, it gives money back to players who were playing on a clearly banned site. Even then, most sites wouldn’t have bothered because players shouldn’t have been on the site anyway.  For everyone, it’s a clear win.

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Andrew Schupick