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Phil Ivey wins $540k in 24 Hours

Phil Ivey has continued to dominate the poker world with his amazing performance on the online felt. After a dark start in 2013, Ivey was the biggest winner of the day, finishing with a profit of $244k after some action in the PLO and FLO8 Heads-Up tables at Full Tilt Poker, where he plays as “Polarizing”.

To start the day, Ivey found some action against KPR16, but ended up losing $17k to him. Afterwards, Ivey managed to extract $19k against NiklasReinecker in a short $500/$1000 No Limit Hold’Em CAP session.

Some hours later, Ivey clashed heads with Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in a $500/$1000 PLO CAP game, where he was able to take a profit of $90k out of another very short session.

Even with his success in a relatively short time, players began to commented on the relatively short duration of matches. Ivey has been known to be a bit more discerning in his game selection recently and it has brought the ire of top players like Fixed Limit Omaha Eight Specialist SallyWoo.

Polarizing: quit when u want
i may play 2 min
nah, u too nitty
we play another time
Polarizing: play 8 games
SallyWoo: well when i played u lhe u said play other games, i moved to 08, now here u wont really givve action, so ill move to another game will it happen again at plo?
SallyWoo: will you quit me at horse if i play that? or can we battle?
SallyWoo: like in future
Polarizing: what are u talking about
Polarizing: i have no idea what your talking about
u have issues
SallyWoo: issues?
i will play i just quit when i want
simple as that
SallyWoo: u lose 2bb and quit 9 out of 10 times and i have issues gotcha

After a brief tense chat, Ivey returned to the felt to face high stakes regular KPR16. Ivey profitted a total of $161k in this battle, ending Phil’s day with a total profit of $244k.

Apart from Ivey, the day had two other six-figure winners: Sanlker won $211k, and Trueteller, acPokerStars’ regular, won almost $138k playing $200/$400 No Limit Hold’Em 6max.

Ivey and KPR16 played again the following morning, where Ivey destroyed his opponent, winning almost $300k in a couple of hours. With this session, Phil ended a 24-hour period with winning of $540k.

Given his recent success, it looks like it is just a matter of time for Ivey to recover the 2 million dollars he lost since new year.

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