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Phil Gordon Cleared in Full Tilt Lawsuit

On June 30, Full Tilt Poker members filed a suit against the site for as much as $150 million in owed earnings. Named in the suite were co-owners Raymond Bitar and Nelson Burtnick as well as the members of Team Full Tilt.

One of the prominent members of Team Full Tilt, Phil Gordon, has now been removed from the lawsuit just as it was set to get underway.

His lawyer had the charges against him dismissed after arguing that Gordon had no knowledge of the managerial decisions at Full Tilt Poker.

“No money changed hands as part of this dismissal. The allegations about Mr. Gordon in the lawsuit were completely wrong, and I am glad that the plaintiffs agreed with us on that score early in the lawsuit. Mr. Gordon believes that Full Tilt’s top priority should be the repayment of all players,” said his lawyer.

Consequently, Phil Gordon is now unique in being the only member of Team Full Tilt to have his motion for dismissal granted by the court, unlike the remaining defendants.

“I have always held myself to the highest standards of conduct. As part of that, I have repeatedly emphasized that Full Tilt should repay the U.S. players as quickly as possible,” said Phil Gordon.

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