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Online High Stakes games on fire

The player who has been on everybody’s mouth these days was, once again, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, after he managed to win $1.7 million in a couple of hours only to lose it back the following day. After the huge swings of the PLO games, Blom decided to go back to the NLHE CAP tables, where he battled against “Sankler” with blinds of $500/$1000.

In the past, Sankler had good results against Isildur, and again that was confirmed here. In just 45 minutes $213k of Blom’s bankroll was in Sankler’s account and he opted to end the session right there.

Another big winner of that day was “Bttech86” who had a payday of more than $130k, completing an amazing comeback from the $1.7m loss against Blom.

The next one to earn over a $100k came from PokerStars. “Odd_Oddsen” made a huge profit at the PLO $50/$100 6-max tables.

Rob Akery, who plays as “Vaga_Lion” at Full Tilt, booked a $90k profit against Phil Galfond after less than half an hour at a PLO $200/$400 CAP table to finish the day with a total profit of $99.5k.

Another interesting match was at the NLHE tables of PokerStars, where “WCGRider” fought against Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky over 4 tables of $100/$200 and later another 4 tables of $200/$400, playing a total of 5 hours, with WCG emerging as the winner after taking away just over $100k from Sulsky’s account, ending his day with a profit of $92.1k due to a little loss at the beginning of the day.

Best numbers of the day:

Sankler: +$212.8k
Bttech86: +$131.4k
Odd_Oddsen: +$118.6k
Vaga_Lion: +$99.5k

The action is bigger day after day, so we can expect a month with non-stoping action at the tables of the Online Poker world!

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