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New to the Game Tables from FullTilt Poker

In a new attempt to capture more users, Fulltilt poker has introduced New to the Game tables. These special tables are designed for beginners and new players. They aim to give new players a chance to learn different game types and get better at them without being eaten by multi-tabling sharks.

The difference between a regular table and a New to the Game table is in a New to the Game table the hand is played in a slower pace and tool tips are shown to indicate the player key aspects and options of the game. Moreover current hand strength is always shown which makes it quite harder to muck the nuts involuntarily.

Obviously not everyone will be allowed to play in these games; otherwise they would be filled with 16 tabling low stakes semi-pros. The key variation for eligibility to enter these New to the Game tables is the number of hands you´ve played. Similarly, your eligibility to register for New to the Game tournaments (scheduled and Sit & Go) depends on the number of tournaments you’ve played. The limit is 2000 hands for ring games or 75 tournaments, not matter schedules ones or Sit & Gos. These limits are set for each type of poker. For example, if you play 2000 hands of Pot Limit Omaha in New to the Game tables, you can still sit down and play No Limit Hold´em in the same tables. Also, if you reach to the limit in Pot Limit Omaha Games, you can still go ahead and play Pot Limit Omaha tournaments.

It is a lot easier to find New to the Game tables in Basic View in Fulltilt Poker client. To enable Basic View, open the Options menu in the game lobby and select Lobby View > Basic View.  When searching for a type of game in Basic View, you will be automatically directed to New to the Game tables. That is of course, if you are eligible to play those games. When you complete 2000 hands in ring games or 75 tournaments, you will be directed to the standard games. You can identify New to the Game tables in the standard view lobby by the icon “N”.

Since the real reason of these tables are to learn new types of games and enhance the poker skills, only the smallest stakes are offered. Also you can sit at a maximum of two New to the Game ring game tables or tournament tables simultaneously.

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