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Howard Lederer Cancels Interview, Stops Talking

Howard Lederer cancelled the third interview of his poker media circuit scheduled for this past weekend with Diamond Flush Poker, saying that the whole interview process in which he told his side of the story in the Full Tilt fiasco was “much harder on [he] and his family than he expected.”

After submitting to roughly seven hours of interviews from that were edited and aired as “The Lederer Files” in approximately one-half hour segments and a follow-up interview on the 2+2 Pokercast, Lederer apparently had enough of the queries and called off the Diamond Flush interview due to the stressful nature of continuously having to recall his version of the events behind the mismanagement and demise of Full Tilt Poker.

Diamond Flush Poker revealed on her website that she was fully prepared to ask hard-hitting journalistic questions that the other interviewers failed to mention and that “If Howard Lederer thought those prior interview hours were too stressful and hard on his family, he was right to cancel ours. I have no doubt that ‘stressful’ would have been considered a huge understatement in the end.”

Lederer has been widely vilified in the press and on Internet poker forums for his answers during the interviews which many in the poker community believe didn’t say much that wasn’t already known. A recent montage of Lederer saying “I don’t know” or that he couldn’t recall events in relation to the Full Tilt saga edited from the Lederer Files has been widely circulated on the Internet. Its roughly a minute and a half of all the times “The Professor” said he didn’t know the answers and is seemingly said dozens of times.

Although the majority of posters on online poker forums have been critical of Lederer in response to the interviews, some have pointed out and believe that Lederer did his best to set the record straight on what he knew regarding Full Tilt. There is plenty of blame to go around and Lederer does admit to being partially responsible. At this point, he’s pretty much damned whatever he does–whether it’s trying to truthfully answer questions or cancel an interview.


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Charles Rettmuller

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