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Juanda/Dwan - Big Figures But Working With GBT

Some possible good news over the player debts to Full Tilt.

It’s been reported that former Full Tilt pros John Juanda and Tom Dwan are actively communicating with Groupe Bernard Tapie in an effort to resolve their financial situations, according to Poker Player Newspaper.

While the names of Juanda and Dwan were not mentioned before, it is a more positive sign that things are being done to reclaim the money owed to Full Tilt.

Previously, Barry Greenstein had publicly stated on TwoPlusTwo that he wishes to work his repayments directly with the government after the conclusion of the GBT/FTP takeover. Mike Matusow, who is expected to owe over $700k to the poker site, has come out on Twitter claiming he has no debts to repay.

We contacted Behn Dayanim for a statement, but he could give no comment at this time.

PokerUpdate will continue to report on the matter.

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