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Howard Lederer Keeps Talking

After remaining silent for about a year and a half regarding the Full Tilt debacle while players were clamoring for an explanation, Howard Lederer recently came out of hiding and was interviewed by, the results of which were released on video and aired in segments last week as “The Lederer Files.”

Now that Lederer has begun talking, it seems he won’t shut up. “The Professor” has also agreed to be interviewed on the 2+2 Pokercast, as well as by Diamond Flush Poker, formerly with Subject Poker. Players who would like to pose a question to Lederer may post them on a designated 2+2 thread and interviewers Mike Johnson and Adam Schwartz will apparently sift through the suggestions and query Lederer with the best ones. The 2+2 interview will be released Thursday on the weekly poker podcast, while the Diamond Flush interview is set for this weekend but has yet to announce a publication date.

Many in the poker community were less than thrilled with Lederer’s details surrounding the inner workings of the mismanagement of Full Tilt Poker and felt that he failed to shed much new light on what went down behind the scenes. Perhaps the scheduled follow-up interviews including questions from players themselves will provide more details.


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Charles Rettmuller

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