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Howard Lederer Celebrates 50th Birthday, Players Respond

Howard Lederer celebrated his 50th birthday recently and by the tone of various posts on a thread at 2 + 2, the anger and hatred bestowed on ‘The Professor’ in the past for his misdeeds at Full Tilt Poker may be waning.

The relaunch of Full Tilt Poker is nearing its one-year anniversary and the remission process for former U.S. players will end in about three weeks. Time has a tendency to heal wounds and a certain number of players who had been victimized by the Full Tilt debacle may be reaching the forgiveness stage in regards to Lederer and his cohorts at FTP.

The terms “scumbag” and “thief” are still used by a number of posters in reference to Lederer. But the comments don’t seem to have the same vitriolic intent as evidenced before Full Tilt was bailed out by the Rational Group. A sampling of some of the posts at the popular online poker forum:

“Not a howard supporter in the slightest,” posted ‘SleightOfJam.’ “Think the whole ftp ordeal was a massive cluster**** and he 100% comes out as a scumbag. But why on earth do you care what he does on his birthday? The ftp situation is out of his hands and is pretty certain to be completely cleared up (credit to stars, not him obv)… why is this news/does this bother you?”

“People don’t just do scumbag stuff and disappear into the mountains, they keep on living just without all the media attention,” ‘Buffjobx’ wrote. “Did you really expect him to stop celebrating his birthday because a website he had shares in went down?”

“He’s obv a scumbag but he can’t just keep apologizing all of his life and not celebrate a birthday, move on,” said ‘LODDENThinks.’

Lederer is a two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner who has cashed 44 times in WSOP events and has earned more than $6.5 million in live tournament action. His strategic approach to poker had been held in high regard by many prior to the Full Tilt fiasco that severely damaged his reputation and standing in the poker community.

The Professor admitted no wrongdoing for his role in the site’s mismanagement and subsequent downfall while agreeing to a settlement with the DoJ that many viewed as a proverbial slap on the wrist. He may always be guilty in the eyes of many and forever held accountable for one of the darkest chapters in the history of online poker. But with the passage of time, some of the deep hatred previously displayed toward Lederer appears to be lessening.



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Charles Rettmuller

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