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Howard Lederer Breaks Silence

Full Tilt board member Howard Lederer, who has been vilified and ridiculed relentlessly over not speaking out about Black Friday and the Full Tilt fiasco, has agreed to end his silence and to tell all in a candid interview.

“The Lederer Files,” an exclusive interview captured on video by, will be released to the public in six or more 30-minute video shoots beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 18, that will reportedly get to the bottom of Lederer’s involvement in the mismanagement of Full Tilt Poker. The poker news site plans to show segments of the interview throughout the week.

The interview lasted seven hours and took place on Sept. 8 at The Palazzo in Las Vegas. Lederer and his cohorts Ray Bitar, Chris Ferguson and Rafe Furst were recently served a second amended complaint on Sept. 10 by U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors that seeks forfeiture of their assets, with Lederer subject to $42.5 million, according to the court pleading. The interview was conducted prior to the filing of the latest legal brief, so we won’t know what thoughts “The Professor” has on that action.

The entire poker community has long been waiting for Lederer or Ferguson to tell their side of the story regarding what went down at Full Tilt. News accounts have detailed how the board members have received millions of dollars in dividend payments while players had to sweat it out since mid-2011 and wonder if they would ever see their funds until PokerStars purchased the site’s assets last month and agreed to reimburse all player account balances.

Part 1


[YouTube id=3g1wFJx461U#]


Part 2


[YouTube id=2DxUJxGzSO4]


Part 3


[YouTube id=AZme4AvjE30]


Part 4


[YouTube id=_T5KWPlsBuY]


Part 5


[YouTube id=hiSDJPEUqME]


Part 6


[YouTube id=hUpBkcY5jM8&list=PL0VUGqoqyZINz_50aiVhidiktnqR3ulMF&index=6&feature=plpp_video]


Part 7


[YouTube id=4FjHLxTzefs&list=PL0VUGqoqyZINz_50aiVhidiktnqR3ulMF&index=7&feature=plpp_video]

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