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High Stakes Action - Viktor Blom wins big

The last couple of days at Full Tilt Poker have been pretty weak in terms of action at the Nosebleed tables. However, the most thrilling player, Victor “Isildur1” Blom is back to the games.

At the beginning of his session, Blom got a little bit of action at the PLO, FLO8 and 2-7 Triple Draw tables and managed to end with profits of almost $180k.

First, he battled Ketse at $200/$400 CAP PLO, where he won $32k in only 28 minutes. After an initial win, Blom had to wait some minutes before Full Tilt’s biggest winner at FLO8, “cottonseed1”, decided to take a seat at the $2k/$4k tables. In this case, Blom only needed 45 hands and 15 minutes of play to take $109k from his opponent.

Blom quickly returned to the $200/$400 CAP PLO, where he won another $37k from Ketse in a brief half hour battle. Through these three matches,“Isildur1” ended with a profit of $177.9k with a mere 2 hours of play.

Besides the High Stakes action at Full Tilt, PokerStars $200/$400 PLO games also ran for four hours with players like “RealAndyBeal”, “Barcode”, “Ben86” and “Jeans89”. High stakes legend “Jeans89” became the big winner with a $159.8k profit, powered by a pot of over $100k won against Barcode, who end up losing $212k to conclude a catastrophic day for him.

Another six-figure winner of the day was “jungleman12”, who had an amazing run at a $300/$600 NLHE table. Jungleman faced two opponents for the day. First, “ComeOnAndPlayMe” lost over $20k in twenty minutes and decided to stop before any further losses. “KidPoker705” decided to challenge Cates, but did not have much more success than his predecessor. “KidPoker705” began his heads up match with a small win, but ended the match with a $100,000 downswing in a short 100 hands. The main contributor to the loss was a $141.4k pot in which KidPoker705’s bluff ran into the nuts of the legendary Cates.

The action at PokerStars continued to be strong at the PLO tables. “Egozeem45” had a strong day with a massive $92k win at $50/$100 and “GVOZDIKA55” took $72.9k from the $200/$400 tables.

After the action-packed day, these were the biggest winners:

Isildur1: +$177.9k
Jeans89: +$159.8k
Jungleman12: +$127.5k
Egozeem45: +$92k

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