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GCG Still Sending Emails to Players in Full Tilt Remission Process

While today is the day that many U.S. Full Tilt players have been waiting for, apparently some are going to have to wait longer.

The Full Tilt remission process is scheduled to commence today with Petitions for Remission accepted by claims administrator Garden City Group. But an updated post at the website and the word at online poker forums is that not everybody received the required email from GCG to begin the process.

“If you did not receive an email Notice and you believe you are eligible to participate in the remission process, please allow 2-3 additional days, as GCG attempts to resend emails, and then you may file a new Petition for Remission,” the official GCG website informs. It is advisable that players take a look at their spam folders, as a number of reports confirm that some email Notices have ended up there.

If you happen to be one of the players who didn’t get an email, there is no cause for alarm because reimbursement won’t begin until all the claims are reviewed following the November 16 deadline. GCG is now in the process of re-sending player Notices that may have “bounced back” and not made it to the intended recipients for whatever reason.

However, for those players who did receive a timely email Notice, all systems are apparently go. The GCG requests that those players “please be sure to use the logon credentials provided in the Notice when you begin the Petition process.”


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