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GCG May Invoke Exclusion List in Full Tilt Remission Process

The Full Tilt remission process for U.S. players is set to kick off next Monday, but rumors abound that the Garden City Croup (GCG) has created a list of former players who will be excluded from submitting claims for reimbursement.

With more twists and turns than a sidewinder, the Full Tilt saga continues to be a major source of annoyance for U.S. players who have been waiting to recoup their account balances for almost 2 and 1/2 years. Those players whose claims apparently will not be entertained by the GCG are those who in the past or present were or are: Full Tilt employees, vendors, shareholders (including related companies such as Tiltware and Pocket Kings), directors of related companies, Team Full Tilt pros, and anyone facing criminal or forfeiture proceedings in conjunction with Black Friday.

This information comes courtesy of Poker Players Alliance (PPA) vice-president of player relations Rich Muny on his personal Facebook account and was reported first by Pocketfives. Muny stated that he received the info about the exclusion list from another party who was notified by GCG. Muny attempted to get the lowdown by calling the GCG himself, but the claims administrator “neither confirmed nor denied it.”

It is unclear whether the Full Tilt pros includes the Red Pros, who numbered around 200 prior to the revelations of mismanagement at FTP following the events of Black Friday. One would think that Red Pros would also be affected, as many would agree that they represented Full Tilt while their screen names were highlighted in red during online play.

Submitting claims for frozen funds is set to commence on Monday, September 16. The official Full Tilt claims website set up by GCG makes no mention of the new exclusionary information.

Some players remain concerned that the GCG does not have correct player balance totals due to cashouts being requested just prior to or following Black Friday and removed from player accounts but not honored. The PPA website informs that the GCG is aware that some discrepancies may exist and specific details on what to do in such situations shall be forthcoming once the process gets underway.



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