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GCG Accepting Petitions For Remission

The Full Tilt remission process appears to be hitting its stride as the Garden City Group (GCG) is accepting claims from former U.S. players at the official website.

A separate tab entitled “File a Petition for Remission” is on display at the upper left hand corner at Clicking that tab takes players to a page entitled “Welcome to the Full Tilt Poker Claim Filing Site.” From there, the actual claims are filed by entering both the petition and control numbers that were provided in the email Notices sent out by GCG on Monday and Tuesday.

ID verification is the next step, accomplished by entering either a zip code, player ID, or last name. That should permit you to view the account balance on record at Full Tilt as of Black Friday. If you agree with that total, simply enter your bank and tax information as requested. Those players who dispute the balance must upload documents to back up their claims.

Completing the Petition for Remission process requires claimants to certify eligibility to receive funds. Those eligible must have actually deposited funds at Full Tilt and not have any ties either past or present to FTP and/or its subsidiaries as a vendor, employee, director or sponsored pro.

Successfully navigating those requirements will allow the GCG to send you an email confirming that your Petition is on file. Should you not receive such an email means that your Petition has not been officially accepted.

Those who never received an email from GCG on Monday or Tuesday with their petition and control numbers can instead click on “Create a New Petition” toward the bottom of the page and will see the heading of “New Petitioner Information.” Fill that form out and click “continue” in order for the GCG to review the info and determine why you are not on the claimant roll call.

Incidentally, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has announced via their website that a team is on hand to help players who are running into difficulties in filing Petitions. An “information guide” will soon be established at to assist players who run into any problems. An email directed to [email protected] seems the best way to go for players whose reimbursement concerns are of a more complex nature. Keep in mind that PPA members will likely be catered to before non-members.

Also, help is available from GCG administrators as well. Players who would like to contact the GCG directly are advised to send an email to [email protected] or call them at their toll-free number of (866) 250-2640.

Remember that the GCG has handled thousands of cases in the past and is apparently the best in the business in so doing. To that end, let’s hope that reimbursement actually begins not too long after the last day to accept claims of November 16, 2013.



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