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GBT Lawyer Says Matusow Owes $700k

Another twist in the Full Tilt takeover deal. Behn Dayanim has revealed to PokerUpdate the amount Team Full Tilt member Mike Matusow owes to the poker site, contradictory to the player’s own claims. 

Matusow had this to say about the matter on his Twitter page:

“for all my fans out there just to let u all know I don’t owe full tilt anything why my name is mentioned I don’t know”

It is a complete contradiction to what GBT’s attorney Behn Dayanim has stated to us in an earlier interview with PokerUpdate:

Dayanim: “Some of the players who owe larger amounts to Full Tilt Poker. Phil Ivey, Erick Lindgren, Layne Flack, David Benyamine, those are the larger ones. There are others as well, people like Barry Greenstein and Mike Matusow.”

Matusow’s finances have been a large talking point over the months. Scott Matusow, Mike’s brother, made a very personal blog on his own website back in November:

“when you decide to call Mom and Dad only WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING, then it becomes my business, because I live on their property. I help manage their finances as well, so when you miss a mortgage payment on your home, It is my responsibility to find out what is going on because Mom and Dad are on the hook as the co signers.”

It poses a worry to the progression of the deal. Both Greenstein and Matusow, two players who have been stated by Dayanim as owing smaller amounts than other Full Tilt pros, have expressed an unwillingness to pay thus far, though for different reasons.

Amazingly, Dayanim has revealed to PokerUpdate the large sum GBT and Full Tilt are owed by Matusow:

“Nearly $700K. Mr. Matusow has not responded to our attempts to reach him to discuss the matter.”

Considering that there are a number of other players who owe significantly more to Full Tilt with many of them unwilling to communicate with GBT, it seems the problem of the debts owed will be a hindrance for quite some time.


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