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Garden City Group Updates Full Tilt Remission Details

The claims administrator for the Full Tilt remission process updated its website late Friday to address certain problems that had some players puzzled, including the affiliate issue.

As pointed out at PokerUpdate one day earlier on Thursday, October 10, the 2 + 2 thread dedicated to Full Tilt remission concerns saw a number of posters continue to vent frustration regarding Garden City Group’s handling of the entire process, but mostly the exclusion list pertaining to affiliates. The following day, John Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance penned a letter to the GCG requesting clarification on the affiliate issue, as well as several other matters that had players concerned.

The GCG responded by updating the FAQ portion of its website at Those updates include what to do in case of account balance discrepancies, it addressed matters pertaining to the uploading of documents in support of petitions, and also informed players that those who never received petition and control numbers should file their claims anyway.

But the seemingly most crucial of player concerns remains the affiliate issue, to which GCG updated information on the home page of the remission website. Here is what was posted:


“It has been determined that Affiliates of Full Tilt Poker (“FTP”) will be able to submit Petitions for Remission to recover the portion of their account balances that does not relate to their Affiliate status. Affiliate accounts have been flagged as such because the player signed up with FTP as an Affiliate. If you are an Affiliate, you will be able to submit a Petition for the portion of your account balance that relates to poker transactions, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. GCG is in the process of receiving updated data from FTP concerning Affiliates’ accounts. Once GCG receives and completes its review of the data, we will email all Affiliates of record to provide instructions for the Petition process and provide login credentials for online filing. You will then have 30 days to submit a Petition. The filing process for Affiliates will not delay the processing or payment of other Petitions for Remission.”

Although the deadline for Petition for Remission submission is November 16, affiliates who receive the email mentioned above can apparently disregard that date. The thirty days to reply will seemingly supersede the initial filing deadline of November 16.

It is very encouraging that the GCG is cognizant of the problems faced by players and has responded in kind. Keep in mind that the remission process is designed to get money into the pockets of players who are viewed as victims of fraud. It is not an attempt to keep player funds by labeling or tagging them as affiliates. Players still having concerns about their claims should check out the recent updates at



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