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Full Tilt Saga Coming to a Close?

It has been announced that the Garden City Group will post the date for the remissions process to start by the end of the week according to  When this date is announced it will set into motion the final steps in repaying players and finally put a stop to this process that has been going on for well over two years now that has seen its share of twists and turns.

The GCG announced earlier this month that the review process has been completed and the remission process should begin shortly.  They also announced when they were going to cut off balances so that players could get a more clear idea of what the balance they will be getting back actually looks like.  There are still many unanswered questions though, and many players are worried about if they are going to get as much back as they feel that they are owed.  Many people think that they should be paid at least partially for rakeback and other promotions that were running at the time, similar to how PokerStars cashed in points for players before sending them their money.

Now it looks like this saga will be closing up soon as a final date is announced and the final steps can commence.  This has been a long process for all players, and many people thought that it would end up coming sooner than this.  Regardless, rejoice now Full Tilt Player, your money will be with you again shortly.

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Andrew Schupick