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Full Tilt Returns

Full Tilt Poker relaunched real-money tables as announced and has quickly jumped into second place in player traffic rankingsthe same spot it held prior to Black Friday.

The official launch time was 7:00 a.m. ET (12:00 GMT). Those who were logged in at that time received a pop-up notice on their computer monitors that read, “Real money has launched. Gogogo!” Although there were a few glitches reported among players who were attempting to deposit or transfer money within Full Tilt, those issues were seemingly resolved within one-hour of the launch.

“The return of Full Tilt Poker fills a hole in the community that’s been felt by millions of players,” said Full Tilt pro Gus Hansen in a press release. “A lot of people have been waiting for this day to come and now that it’s here, we can all look towards a brighter future.”

Hansen could be found at a $1,000/$2,000 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw table, getting right back into high-stakes action. Another Full Tilt pro, Viktor Blom, sat down with the low-stakes grinders for awhile at a $.50/1 cash table, but eventually moved on to pot-limit Omaha at $50/100 stakes to compete against Hansen. The last of Full Tilt’s current stable of pros known as “The Professionals,” Tom Dwan, was reportedly in the U.S. and could not participate in the relaunch.

PokerScout reported a high of 14,773 cash players on the first day of action, considerably more than iPoker, who dropped to third place in player traffic with a 24-hour peak of 5,055. It will be interesting to see if Full Tilt can retain that second place ranking once the novelty of being online again diminishes. The Deal Me In Bonus is certain to keep a good number of players on the site for awhile. However, with one of the industry’s lowest rakeback percentages, it is also probable that plenty of grinders will play elsewhere after clearing the bonus.

Overall, the relaunch of Full Tilt and the reimbursement of $184 million to rest-of-world players has been very exciting for the online poker industry. “Full Tilt Poker is back and better than ever,” said Sarne Lightman, Head of Marketing for Full Tilt Poker . We are bringing back to the players everything they loved about the site and we invite them to help us celebrate by joining our Deal Me In launch promotions.”



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