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Full Tilt Remission Website Confirms Payments by March 31, 2014

The deadline for submitting claims in the Full Tilt Poker remission process is upon us, as today marks the last day that claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG) will accept filings from U.S. players not flagged as affiliates or pros.

GCG officials updated the site yesterday to confirm what the Poker Players Alliance had alluded to previously. That payments for undisputed balances will reach claimants in Q1 of 2014. From the official website:

“We are in the process of reviewing Petitions filed by Petitioners who confirmed their balances online and who have not disputed their FTP Account Balance or submitted multiple Petitions. We expect payments to be made with respect to such Petitions with confirmed balances by March 31, 2014.”

So the long wait for reimbursement by U.S. players that began in mid-2011 is indeed nearing its end. It will have taken almost three years for players with undisputed balances to be reunited with their funds. The old adage that good things come to those who wait may apply in this instance.

The waiting will continue for petitioners labeled as affiliates, however, who remain at the mercy of additional scrutiny by the GCG. Those players will reportedly receive emails instructing them how to complete the submission process after the GCG has determined the additional documentation or information required. Those affiliates will have 30 days from receipt of the emails to comply with GCG directives.

The Full Tilt remission website established by the GCG was also updated yesterday to include information regarding Full Tilt pros. The DoJ has ruled that “the only Pros who will be deemed ineligible to participate in this remission process are Team Full Tilt players and other players who were playing with funds from FTP or who were compensated by FTP to play on the FTP site.”

In conjunction with the DoJ, the GCG is reviewing the statuses of players who have been identified as Full Tilt pros and therefore ineligible for reimbursement. Those found to be eligible following the review will receive emails in much the same way as that of affiliates, requiring instructions to be followed within 30 days.

Players who tend to procrastinate and have yet to file a Petition for Remission need to do so by the end of the day today. None will be accepted after today, except from those U.S. Full Tilt players labeled as affiliates or pros who are awaiting additional instructions.



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