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Full Tilt Remission Filing Deadline Set for Sept. 3

The claims administrator in the Full Tilt remission process, Garden City Group (GCG), has announced that Sept. 3, 2014 will be the last day for all petitioners, “including Affiliates and Pros,” to file a claim.

A notice posted on the website dedicated toward reuniting former U.S. Full Tilt players with their account balances informs that after the 3rd of September, “the filing portion of this website will no longer be available and Petitions will no longer be accepted.” The latest posting is dated today and comes just four days following a post announcing that all Full Tilt pros, except for “Team Full Tilt Players,” are eligible to file Petitions for Remission.

Those pros found to be eligible are the last batch to file claims and must follow instructions sent in a notice from GCG. All U.S. players with outstanding account balances on FTP have now been afforded ample time to submit Petitions for Remission during a filing period that began Sept. 16, 2003 and will have lasted almost one full year when the deadline arrives next month.

$95 Million Paid and More on the Way

To date, about 33,000 U.S. players have received roughly $95 million in funds that were tied up for almost three years until payments began landing in bank accounts of petitioners in February. The payments were dispensed in rounds and there appears to be one, possibly two, rounds of payment yet to come.

Still waiting for their cash in addition to the pros who have until Sept. 3 to file are players whose account balances and petitions do not jibe with the balance on record with the DoJ and GCG. Whether the disputed balance crowd and the pros will be reimbursed together or separately has yet to be announced.



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