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Full Tilt Pros Eligible for Remission

Former U.S. Full Tilt players who had been labeled by the site as “professionals” are eligible to file Petitions for Remission and stake their claims to funds from FTP account balances that have been unpaid for almost 3 and 1/2 years.

That announcement was made by the appointed claims administrator in the Full Tilt remission process, Garden City Group (GCG), on the official website. The latest update was posted yesterday and advised that pros, other than those who were part of Team Full Tilt, have been cleared by the DoJ to receive outstanding funds.

Those eligible, according to the website, “includes Red Pros, Friends of Full Tilt and other players.” Eligible players were sent notices yesterday that provide the information required to file a petition. Said petition must be received by Sept. 3, 2014.

Rakeback can be Included in Claim

The GCG also made a determination pertaining to rakeback, revealing that rakeback payments were deemed to not be in the same category as professional funding or affiliate payments. As such, rakeback is recoverable.

If certain players happen to believe that FTP labeled rakeback incorrectly as an affiliate payment on their accounts, “it is the player’s responsibility to dispute the account balance and provide an explanation differentiating rakeback from Affiliate revenue.” The explanation may include anything from bank statements and screen shots to emails and written correspondence.

No Word Yet on Disputed Account Balances

Full Tilt pros who filed a claim previously but are part of the batch who were sent notices on August 4 must refile and follow the instructions on the notice received. Those pros who meet the criteria of eligibility will be able to obtain reimbursement “that relates to poker transactions.”

Players who have disputed the account balances that the DoJ and GCG have on file apparently are last in line in the Full Tilt remission process. No date has yet been announced for review and/or payment of those claims. However, reimbursement is rolling along quite nicely at this point with some 33,000 U.S. players having received about $95 million since Green Friday in February.



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