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Full Tilt Petitions for Remission Accepted Beyond Deadline

The Full Tilt remission process has been a work in progress from the beginning, with the Garden City Group (GCG) amending various rules and requirements regarding player submissions throughout the two-month ordeal that claims had been accepted.

Another update was issued today by the GCG on the FAQ page of the official website. While we were previously led to believe that November 16 was the cut-off date for filing Petitions for Remission, the GCG is now relaxing strict adherence to that deadline. From the website:

“The deadline to submit a Petition for Remission was Saturday, November 16, 2013. If you have not yet submitted your Petition, you may still do so. However, please be advised that there is no guarantee that late-filed Petitions will be accepted.”

Apparently, while GCG administrators continue analyzing the claims received thus far, they won’t mind if a few more trickle in beyond the previous deadline. It is hard to imagine that players who are owed a substantial amount of cash have not yet filed to recoup those funds. But human nature being what it is, a number of procrastinators will likely benefit from the GCG’s lax requirements regarding the submission deadline.


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