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Full Tilt Payments Total $76 Million on "Green Friday"

More than 27,500 U.S. Full Tilt players received about $76 million yesterday in the first round of payouts of the Full Tilt remission process.

The long-awaited reimbursement administered by Garden City Group (GCG) on behalf of the DoJ was effectuated via ACH deposits to the bank accounts of players who had timely confirmed their Full Tilt account balances. The latest update at the website posted February 28 reminds players that funds may not be available for immediate withdrawal. The length of time that players must wait is dependent on the practices of each particular bank.

The first wave of payments brought overwhelming relief to the thousands of former U.S. Full Tilt players on the receiving end who have waited almost three years for their funds. As evidenced by the joy and happiness expressed by posters on online poker forums, yesterday can best be described as one of the most blissful days in online poker history. Many players now euphorically refer to February 28, 2014 as “Green Friday.”

The GCG is already looking ahead to the next round of reimbursement and reminds affiliates that their Petitions for Remission are due on March 2. Players whose bank accounts failed to pass a previous test and have been found to be inaccurate have until March 13 to advise the GCG of their correct account information.

Also of note, players who received notice of an outstanding debt that qualifies for collection by the Treasury Offset Program are advised to send a complete Unified Financial Management System Vendor Request Form to the GCG as soon as is possible.

The GCG had earlier stated that about 30,000 players had been approved to receive roughly $82 million in the first round of reimbursement. The $6 million of approved funds that have been held back from approximately 2,500 players is likely attributable to those players whose bank accounts could not be verified and possibly some players who owe the government money.



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