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Full Tilt Payments Arrive for U.S. Players

U.S. Full Tilt players who have been estranged from their funds for nearly three years are reporting that reimbursement has begun and that payments are landing in their bank accounts via ACH.

The thread dedicated to the Full Tilt remission process at online poker forum 2 + 2 has become inundated with posters who make no secret of their elation at finally being reunited with account balances that some had resigned to never seeing again following Full Tilt being shut down and the discovery of horrendous mismanagement at the site in 2011.

“Money is in my available balance. It’s really here!” posted ‘lilwhaldo,’ followed by ‘blankoblanco’ stating, “Money’s in my account. Is this real life??? More importantly is 7:30 am too early to start drinking in celebration?” Another example of a happy poster comes from ‘Madmaniac21,’ who said, “MONEY RECEIVED. As everyone else in this thread, cannot explain my level of joy.”

While the day that the U.S. DoJ clamped down on the top three offshore online poker sites of PokerStars, Full Tilt and AbsolutePoker/UltimateBet is widely known as Black Friday, players are referring to today as “Green Friday” after receiving notice in their bank accounts that their funds have arrived.

Yet another ecstatic former U.S. Full Tilt player known as ‘AnAnonymousCoward’ stated, “Shipped, HSBC. I can’t believe this is finally over, but I am glad to be done with this thread and this whole goddamn [Full Tilt] saga.”

While it may be over for ‘AnAnonymousCoward,’ the entire Full Tilt remission process is far from over for every petitioner who has a claim pending with claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG). This marks only the first round of reimbursement payments that are earmarked for about 30,000 players at a combined total of roughly $82 million.

Still waiting on their funds are players who have been labeled as affiliates and pros, as well as those whose account balances are in dispute with the balances on record by the DoJ and GCG. Affiliates, who have been informed by GCG that rakeback will be redeemable, have a deadline of March 2 to submit their Petitions for Remission.

Also facing a deadline are players whose bank accounts could not be verified in a testing process conducted by the GCG. Those ex-Full Tilt players have until March 13 to supply their correct or updated bank account information. Players who fail to meet the deadline will receive payment in the form of a cheque to be sent to the home address listed on their claims.

The claims of Full Tilt pros and players with disputed account balances remain under GCG review and those players will be updated on how to proceed at a later date. While today is historic for the first round of payments being issued, there will likely be several additional rounds before all petitioners are finally reunited with their cash.

“After 2 years, 10 months, and 13 days later it’s finally over for most of us,” posted ‘Alex_Striker.’ “Good luck to those of you in the second wave, disputed, and with affiliate status.”



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