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Full Tilt Files Claims for Player Funds

Full Tilt and associated companies have filed claims for close to $100 million in player funds.

Chris Ferguson, on behalf of Full Tilt operating companies Vantage and Kolyma, is seeking $98,276,540 in seized funds. Separate claims were filed on behalf of Filco, Tiltware Pocket Kings and Pocket Kings Consulting.

Ferguson claims the accounts cited “contain funds deposited by Full Tilt Poker players to be transferred to Vantage and/or Kolyma or funds deposited by Vantage and/or Kolyma that were in the process of being returned to Full Tilt Poker players.”

He also identified further accounts in Europe, including an “account held at Banque Invik SA, Luxembourg, the name of Vantage Limited…and all funds traceable thereto.”

Two of the accounts containing player funds are held at SunFirst Bank, which was placed into receivership last week.

Behnam Dayanim, an attorney associated with Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT), told PokerStrategy: “We had no involvement in the filing of the claims, but we were aware that they were being filed. The claims present no concern to us, and likewise present no concern with respect to our ongoing negotiations with the DOJ.”

Click here for a database of all relevant filings.

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