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French Mag Contacts FT Players

French magazine LivePoker, which has ties to Groupe Bernard Tapie, has been surveying players ahead of any move to cash out frozen funds. A poster on Two Plus Two confirmed that a co-worker was contacted by LivePoker and was presented with three options—set up “to reduce the amount of money needed to relaunch the business”— to cash out his balance.

According to reports, players have the following options:

1. Investing part of funds in shares, with the option to sell their stake back to Full Tilt.  

2. Cash out their entire account balance, but with an unspecified penalty.

3. Small cashouts that would unlock over the course of a year.

LivePoker’s owner, George Djen, founded FullFun Company, which recently partnered with the Tapies to set up the International Stadium Poker Tour (ISPT). Apparently only players with the largest bankrolls frozen online are being called, suggesting LivePoker has access to Full Tilt’s player database.

The calls have fuelled recent rumours that Full Tilt is planning to reopen its doors in the coming months.

refused to respond to requests for comment.

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