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E-Petition Demanding Ban Of FTP Debtors From WSOP

With recent news shedding light on the significant amounts owed by players to Full Tilt Poker, part of the TwoPlusTwo community have decided to take a stand.

“Sparky999” has started an online petition on TwoPlusTwo to have all FTP shareholders and those who are in debt to Full Tilt banned from the World Series Of Poker this year. The petition also states that should the WSOP not meet the demands, all those in favour will boycott the event themselves and will choose to play the Venetian Deep Stack tournaments instead.

In the short time the thread has been up, a large number of the community have already expressed their support to the cause. The replies left on the thread stating their intention to join are of a similar nature, along the lines of:

“I hereby state that unless all FTP shareholders and those who currently owe money to Full Tilt Poker, and have not signed a letter of intent to repay, are banned from all WSOP events this year, or I will not participate in any WSOP Event.”

The thread is in response to players showing unwillingness to immediately pay back debts to Full Tilt. Barry Greenstein recently posted a TwoPlusTwo thread stating that he wishes to repay his $400k debt when a takeover deal has been finalised and the government create a method to pay back debts.

Mike Matusow had stated on his Twitter page that he is refusing to pay the $700k debt that GBT attorney Behn Dayanim claims the former Full Tilt Pro owes, as he believes he has no debt with his former employer.

Along with the support, it has also received its fair share of negativity with some questioning whether the intentions of the thread is useful to the cause of poker.

Many believe that the WSOP should not be punished for the bad business of others when it has no connection with the poker site and question why the Venetian should be the one that profits from the possible drop in attendance for WSOP 2012 and not other venues.

Another obstacle is that no list of who owes what has been officially released. Only the well-known players and shareholders have been named, leaving a lot of those in debt anonymous and still able to play the events.

No indication of how the communication between GBT/DoJ and said players has been announced either. The only certain communications has come from Matusow and Greenstein. Tom Dwan and John Juanda are apparently helping to pay back their debts, but no official comment has been released.

The final problem for the petition is whether or not the WSOP has any right to ban the people in question. If it is proven that a player owes money to the site but has done no wrongdoing in terms of the law, the WSOP may not want to go through lawsuits for the sake of preventing a player from entering the tournament.

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