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DoJ Says FTP Claims Administrator to be Hired by January

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced that a claims administrator to oversee the Full Tilt remission process for U.S. players will be hired by January.

Perhaps last week’s meeting between the Poker Players Alliance and DoJ officials actually prompted the DoJ to begin moving on the matter. One of the goals of the PPA prior to the sit-down was that the DoJ be a bit more communicative to players regarding the progress (or lack thereof) in the remission process.

And communicative they were by announcing that “the Claims Administrator will be selected and begin work in January 2013.” The help wanted ad has been up on the DoJ website for a number of months and the application process was set to close on Aug. 31. But, as is the case most often with the U.S. government, the wheels of progress grind slowly.

There is still no timetable on when players can begin submitting claims for their funds. Nor has there been any confirmation of whether or not players will receive 100% of their account balances. Keep in mind that the PPA statement following last week’s meeting advised that “even when a claims administrator is hired, forfeiture and remission procedures require that a substantial administrative process be adhered to before players begin seeing their funds.”

But at least the DoJ is letting the public know what is going on and making a wee bit of progress.



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Charles Rettmuller

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