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Bernard Tapie Seeks Small Stake

While Laurent Tapie spoke optimistically about the acquisition agreement with Full Tilt, his father Bernard Tapie has dampened enthusiasm and stressed that a deal is far from complete. The latter also revealed that Groupe Bernard Tapie will be left with a smaller stake in Full Tilt than most except.

In talks with Agence France Presse, Bernard Tapie confirmed that an exclusive agreement has been signed with Full Tilt, but suggested that Laurent has only been “invited” to investigate the situation on behalf of Groupe Bernard Tapie, and that the younger Tapie will “give his opinion” by December on whether the legal issues engulfing Full Tilt can be resolved.

Bernard says that if a deal is completed, he only expects to retain a 5-10% stake in Full Tilt, which may be an indication that they are seeking to put together a consortium of investors. Bernard suggests that the 5-10% would be held by the International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT), a production company in which Groupe Bernard Tapie has a 30% stake.

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