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Now that Full Tilt has finally started to pay its debts to U.S. poker players, Black Friday seems to be just an old and distant nightmare. But is it really?

Former Full Tilt pros and owners, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard “The Professor” Lederer certainly think so. According to 2+2 poster and FT scandal insider “Diamond_Flush,” both Ferguson and Lederer believe that the poker community has forgiven them and that the Black Friday scandal has been forgotten. They plan to make their comebacks and start playing again with all the spotlights on. “I assure you he (Ferguson) has plans to return to poker when people get repaid, as does Howard (Lederer). They assume all is forgiven and some regulars in the Las Vegas circuit think that’s true,” “Diamond_Flush” stated in the 2+2 forums.

So far, Ferguson has been fairly quiet since April 2011. A lawyer representing him denied his client’s implication in the famous Black Friday scandal. He was seen in Las Vegas months ago, as reported by “Diamond_Flush,” but no one could reach him as he refused to answer questions knowing that he would be crucified in public.

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On the other hand, Lederer tried to wash his dirty laundry in public with his famous interview known as “The Lederer Files,” but had little success. The poker community still see him as public enemy number one and few poker players are ready to forgive him for the way he handled the Full Tilt situation back in 2011.

Lederer reached a settlement with the Department of Justice in December 2012, agreeing to forfeit assets worth an estimated $2.5 million.

So when will they make their official comeback? Ferguson plans to be in Las Vegas for this year’s World Series of Poker. “He expects to be back, especially for WSOP,” “Diamond_Flush” said. How do you think the community will react when the two FTP ex-owners return to the live poker felt?

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