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About 3,500 U.S. online poker players are expected to receive roughly $3 million by the end of next month in the ongoing Full Tilt remission process.

Approximately 3,100 of those players previously provided inaccurate information to claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG), according to a 2 + 2 post by Poker Players Alliance executive director John Pappas. The remaining 400 will be the first wave of players to receive reimbursement from the “disputed balances” category.

That’s only about 1/4 of the players whose balances did not jibe with the GCG and DOJ, leaving roughly 1,200 more to wait for the next wave of payments, whenever that may be. The 400 “disputed balances” players set to be reunited with their cash next month are those whose conflicts consisted of lesser amounts – under $500, or disputes that amounted to 20% or less of the total balances.

Apparently, the GCG still need to review the majority of disputed claims, likely a tedious task considering the phantom deposits and mismanagement discovered at Full Tilt.

To date, almost $97 million has reached the pockets of more than 33,500 ex-U.S. Full Tilt players in four payment waves that began at the end of last February – almost one year ago. By the end of March, the total will be hovering around $100 million.

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