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These days, everyone knows about the continuation bet.  Even the most clueless players are able to put you on air when you raise preflop then bet a bone-dry, jack-high board.  So what do you do when you miss the turn after your continuation bet is called?  Often the answer will simply be to give up.  It’s typically not smart to fire again on a Ts9s7cQs board when you have AcKh.  Sometimes though, the optimal play might be to fire another barrel.  Here’s three situations where double barreling can be profitable.

When your opponent tends to call particularly light on the flop but won’t continue on unless he’s strong

Many weak low stakes recreational players fall in this category.  Such players will call one or two streets with any piece of the flop not because they think they have the best hand but because they want to see if they can suck out.  For these kinds of players, any pair on the flop is enough to see the turn.  Some particularly loose players might even call to chase gutshots and backdoor draws.  Against such players, it is often necessary to fire a second barrel on the turn because once they miss their two-pair draw or whatever else they were chasing, they won’t hesitate to fold.

When you pick up additional equity

This is another good situation to fire a second barrel.  Let’s say you raise AhJh preflop, and only the big blind calls.  The flop comes Qh7c2s, your opponent checks, and you make a continuation bet.  He calls, and the Th comes on the turn.  This is a good spot to double barrel especially if stacks are deep.  If he called you light on the flop, another bet will allow you to take down the pot right away.  Even if he calls again, however, you have good equity in the hand and could potentially win a big pot if you hit on the river.  The additional equity you picked up on the turn gave you another way to win other than getting your opponent to fold.

When a scare card hits

Of all the situations, this may be the best spot to double barrel.  Imagine this: you raise AcQs under the gun, and only the button calls.  Flop comes 9s5c2h.  You make a continuation bet, your opponent quickly calls, and the turn comes the Kd.  This is the perfect card to double barrel.  While the turn missed you, from your opponent’s perspective, you could easily have a king in your hand, assuming you didn’t have the best hand on the flop already.  Thus, if you make a reasonably large bet, it would be very difficult for him to continue on with one pair hands like 9s8s, 7h7d, etc.  These hands have little chance of improving, so a turn bet combined with the threat of a potential river bet will get the majority of players to fold on boards like this.


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