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Christmas is this Friday and poker players are looking forward to receiving gifts from friends, family and Santa (aka Phil Ivey.) Of course, some poker players have been naughty this year and will receive coal this Christmas (or other gag gifts.) Today we look at five poker players that are on Santa’s naughty list for this year.

Andreas Gann  (Irish Open Slow Roller)

One of the worst sins one can commit at the poker table is slow rolling with the nuts. In one of the more memorable moments of 2015, German Andreas Gann slow rolled Donnacha O’Dea at the final table of the 2015 Irish Open.

O’Dea shoved on a flop of A♦-8♦-6♦ holding A♣-6♣. Andreas tanked for several minutes before making the call with K♦-Q♦, or the nuts on the turn. The poker world lost their collective minds after such a horrendous slowroll but the poker gods and Santa have a sense of humor.

The turn fell the 7♣, missing both players but the river fell the 6♥ to give O’Dea a full house and a double-up against Gann.

Watching the video, one could argue that Gann didn’t realize that he was slowrolling but in the end, it didn’t matter as justice prevailed.

Santa gave us a preview of Gann’s Christmas gift. He’s going to fill his stocking with the 6♥.

Archie Karas

The man who ran $50 into $40 million will never have a chance to do so again, at least not in Nevada. In September, Karas was placed on Nevada’s infamous “Black Book” aka the List of Excluded Persons.

This means that Karas will never be able to gamble in Nevada casinos again, including at the World Series of Poker. Karas was placed on the list after various arrests for cheating in Nevada casinos.

Santa has a sense of humor. We hear that he’s sending Karas a stocking full of room comps for the Borgata and a copy of 21.

Zvi Stern

If there was a “villain” of the first day of the 2015 WSOP November Nine, it would be Zvi Stern. His consistent slow play during the first day annoyed poker fans around the world and made the broadcast almost unwatchable.

By the time he improved the speed of his play on Day 2 of the November Nine, the damage had already been done. As a result, ratings took a tumble and caused some to call for either a change to the format or abandoning it altogether.

Brian Hastings

Brian Hastings had an amazing 2015 WSOP that included a pair of bracelet victories and a 49th place finish in the Main Event. However, allegations arose that Hastings was multi-accounting on PokerStars and that he was using a VPN to access the site from within the United States.

Hastings later admitted that bouts of depression and a desire to play online poker led to his actions online. In the past, such behavior would have resulted in a player being virtually excommunicated from poker or at least disgraced. Nowadays, win a couple of bracelets though and everyone gives you a pass.

Santa isn’t giving him a pass. He told us Hastings is getting a stocking full of coal and a highlight reel of Zvi Stern’s longest tanks at the 2015 WSOP.

Dan Bilzerian

What did Dan Bilzerian do in 2015 to earn a spot on Santa’s naughty list? Let’s see, Bilzerian supports the following:

  • Guns
  • Boobs
  • Booze
  • Partying
  • Donald Trump (Even had a photo op with him recently)
  • Frivolously spending boatloads of money
  • Hot girls doing naughty things
  • Gerbils
  • and the list goes on

Just scroll down his social media accounts and there’s certainly something to offend someone. We have it on good authority that Bilzerian’s name is written in permanent marker on the Naughty List.

Does he care? Hell no. He has enough money to buy Santa, so he’s making his own damn list.


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