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Rivalries matter in poker. None take on the tone of a Tupac versus Biggie rivalry, but poker players do enjoy comparing stats and performances. Rankings have always been a part of poker in the Internet age, and the Global Poker Index has taken it to a whole new level with its system.

With that in mind, let’s look at Canada poker players and UK poker players. Which produces better live tournament poker players?

Credit: Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

In the top 10 of the Global Poker Index worldwide rankings, neither nation makes appearances as of December 5. In the top 25, Jonathan Duhamel comes in at #14 for Canada, and Mike McDonald joins that group at #21. The only UK-based player in that collection at the moment is Stephen Chidwick at #16.

Winner: Canada

By breaking down the GPI information about each nation, we can see some big differences that may have an impact on player results. The UK has 218 casinos, 2,268 festivals, 43,564 events, and 115,601 ranked poker players who have won nearly $5 billion since tracking began. Canada, on the other hand, has only 44 casinos, 629 festivals, 5,047 events, and 3,342 ranked players who have won more than $637 million.

These numbers may indicate that the UK has a big leg up on various poker rankings due to the prevalence of casinos, tournaments, and players alone. But the overall results in money earned and GPI rankings note the opposite.

The top 10 GPI-ranked UK players start with the aforementioned Chidwick on top. The list includes big names like Jack Salter, Max Silver, Niall Farrell, and Liv Boeree, but the total GPI points for those 10 players comes to 25,540.56.

Credit: Jules Pochy for PokerStars

By contrast, the top 10 list for Canadian players via GPI offers names like Negreanu, Duhamel, and McDonald, as well as Sorel Mizzi, Mike Leah, Mike Watson, and Ami Barer. And their GPI total is 28,925.12, quite a few points ahead of the UK.

It should be noted that the GPI ranks players for their performances over the most recent 36-month period. It has a detailed system to award points per cash positions in tournaments with 21 or more players and that are open to the public, and scores are an aggregate of the tally of points over the 36-month period. What is important is that these rankings are recent and do not include older tournament results.

With all of this said and despite the UK having a leg up on casinos, tournaments, and overall available players, Canadians are ranking better on the GPI.

Winner: Canada

A look at the Hendon Mob’s all-time live tournament earnings list shows that Canada has first place locked up at the moment, with Daniel Negreanu firmly sitting in the top spot with more than $30.6 million. Sam Trickett of the UK comes in with $20.5 million for seventh place, but Jonathan Duhamel firms it up for Canada with $17.5 million.

Winner: Canada

If we ask the Hendon Mob to give us the all-time earnings for UK and Canadian players, the results are not much different than indicated by the global list in that Canada comes out ahead by a landslide.

Canadian players are led by Negreanu, Duhamel, and McDonald, and the top 10 names on the Canadian all-time money list combine to show $106.6 million.

On the UK list in the same category, Trickett leads the way, and David “Devilfish” Ulliott – whom we famously lost this year to cancer – takes the distant number two spot. While big names like Roland de Wolfe, Surinder Sunar, Jake Cody, and Chris Moorman also make the list, their combined top 10 total for all-time live earnings only amounts to $60.4 million.

Winner: Canada

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