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It’s that time of the year again – Thanksgiving! And at, we have much to be thankful for this year. Let’s let the writers tell you what they are thankful for. And be sure to comment with what you are grateful for at the bottom!

Bradley Chalupski

Friends and family

My health

That it will be snowing soon

Safe River cards 🙂

James Guill

Jennifer Harman Inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame – I’ve been advocating for Jennifer Harman to get into the Poker Hall of Fame since 2010 and this year we finally saw her inducted. It was great to see one of the trailblazers for women’s poker become the third woman in history to receive a spot in the Hall of Fame.

PokerStars Receiving a NJ License – Is there anyone that really believes that the U.S. regulated market would be better off without PokerStars? Love them or hate them, they’re needed and I’m glad to see them get the chance to operate in NJ.

Movement in PA Towards Regulation – It took long enough but we are finally beginning to see some movement towards regulated online poker in PA. With any luck, PA citizens will be playing online poker next Thanksgiving.

Innovation in Poker – Times are a’chaning in poker as exhibited by major announcements from the WSOP, WPT and the GPI. Sometimes you have to try new ideas to keep things fresh and I applaud the major poker tours for trying new innovations to attract new players or grow their brands.

David Huber

Poker fans like Alex Dreyfus who aren’t afraid to innovate and experiment with taking poker in a new direction.

Twitch Poker streaming personalities like Jason Somerville, Jaime Staples & Joey Ingram who are exposing poker to a new audience.

PokerStars’ pending entry into the regulated New Jersey online poker market, and first-step approval for legal online poker in Pennsylvania.

Great poker and related-topic writers like Nolan Dalla who keep long-form writing alive

Poker and Video Game industry crossover (it’s about time)!

Veteran online poker tournament players such as Chris “moorman1” Moorman, Jonathan “apestyles” van Fleet, and Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald who continue to prove that the best players can dominate online poker events.

Technological advances in smart devices that make it increasingly easier to broadcast short clips of live poker events in real time.

Online poker forums, which continue to give players and fans of all opinions a place to post their views.

Jennifer Newell

I’m grateful to have been welcomed so warmly by the PokerUpdate team and been able to work with such stellar people in the past few months. And special thanks to Robbie Strazynski, who first recommended me for the gig!

I’m so glad to have been able to write about Pierre Neuville, who then invited me to Las Vegas to be a part of the amazing November Nine experience as a fan. I learned so much about Pierre and his family and friends, as well as about my own relationship with poker.

I’m happy that new WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen eventually smiled.

Dan Bilzerian has not been in the poker news for a while.

I’ve finally stopped saying to young poker players, “I’m old enough to be your mother!”

Kevmath always has information and answers. I’m grateful for Kevin and his Twitter presence.

Charles Rettmuller

I’m thankful that Pennsylvania’s budget deficit is pushing online poker and gambling legislation forward! I’m hoping that it eventually spurs Illinois to do the same!

I’m thankful that poker allows me to make a living, and to do so in my underwear if I so choose.

I’m thankful that making that living from poker requires the most minimal of commute times, typically just rolling out of bed and turning on my computer.

As a lifelong die hard Cubs fan, I’m thankful that we had an awesome team in 2015 that fell just 4 wins short of going to the World Series! We are going all the way next year, baby!


Finally, a big round of thanks goes to my family and friends for their love and unwavering support!

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