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The final four has been reached in our quest to determine the most memorable television poker hand in history. As irony would have it, we have an equal balance of cash games hands and tournament hands in this final four and three of the videos feature some of the games most memorable characters.

Who will go on to face off in our championship round? Check out which videos made it to the final four and cast your vote for your favorite!

Old School vs. New School

In our first of two final four matches, we have two of the games biggest stars and most memorable personalities. Phil Hellmuth was a lock to win the Funny Division last week and his hand against the King of Suckouts took the title. Over in the Impressive Division, Tom Dwan came out on top in a battle of the bluffs in the Elite Eight against Phil Ivey.

Hellmuth’s classic hand against the “King of Suckouts” Earnest Wiggins emerged victorious in the Funny Division after three rounds. He defeated three challengers, including himself, to get there.

In the opening round, the King of Suckouts emerged victorious against the late Jack Ury, the “King of Slowrolls”, in what was a close contest. It was much smoother sailing for Hellmuth and Wiggins in the Sweet 16 as they dominated against Filippo Candio and his “Suckgasm”, earning 3/4 of the votes.

Finally, Hellmuth faced off against his classic moment against Mike Matusow on High Stakes Poker. When it is a Hellmuth blowup against a Matusow meltdown, fans are going to go with the blowup every time. Hellmuth walked away with an easy win to move on to the final four, collecting 67% of the vote.

Our other contestant in this match is Tom “durrrr” Dwan and his High Stakes Poker moment where he ran a successful bluff against Barry Greenstein and Peter Eastgate. In the first round, Dwan faced off against Vanessa Selbst and an impressive call she made during a PCA High Roller. Fans clearly weren’t impressed by Selbst as Dwan earned 72% of the vote.

Dwan eeked out the win in the Sweet 16 against Roberto Romanello and his impressive fold of jacks-full versus kings-full during the 2008 WSOP Main Event. This one went to the wire with Dwan earning 53% of the vote, one of the closest contest to date.

Finally, it was Tom Dwan facing off against Phil Ivey and his bluff against Paul Jackson during the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions. This one wasn’t very close as most fans likely felt Dwan’s bluff versus two pros trumped that of Ivey’s heads-up bluff against a clearly scared amateur.

Now it is your turn to decide which of these two videos deserve to move on to the championship. Tom Dwan ran an impressive bluff during High Stakes Poker but does it trump the successful triple suckout against 14-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth? Only you can decide which video moves on to the finals. Vote now!

Can The Grinder Beat Quad Aces?

In our second final four match, we have Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi’s double suckout moment versus the cracked quads of Motoyuki Mabuchi. Mabuchi’s cracked quads were the winner of the Shocking Division while Mizrachi’s double suckout earned the title over in the Exciting Division.

Motoyuki Mabuchi’s loss with quad aces during the 2008 WSOP Main Event won the title for most shocking hand but does it deserve to go on to become the most memorable? During the opening round, it was good enough to defeat Connor Drinan’s million-dollar loss with pocket aces during the 2014 Big One for ONE DROP. The contest wasn’t even close with Mabuchi walking away with 70% of the vote.

His Sweet 16 opponent was another player who had his quads crushed. Andrew Robl had quad 9’s crushed by quad queens and eventually the quad aces of Mabuchi. He walked away with a narrow victory, taking 54% of the vote.

Jean-Robert Bellande made a dream run in the shocking division but yet again fell short of the title. His bustout in the money of the 2008 Main Event could do little to stop Mabuchi’s momentum. Mabuchi walked away with 64% of the vote to win the Shocking Division title.

Michael Mizrachi’s double suckout against Matt Jarvis during the November Nine final table of the 2010 WSOP Main Event has dominated in every round of this competition on the way to taking the Exciting Division title.

In the opening round, he dominated Antonio Esfandiari and his victory in the 2012 Big One for ONE DROP. Esfandiari may have won all the money but he couldn’t win this contest as Mizrachi ran away with 84% of the vote.

Chris Moneymaker fell to The Grinder in the Sweet 16. Despite changing the course of poker history with this 2003 WSOP Main Event victory, fans are used to seeing that classic moment and the excitement has worn off. Mizrachi walked with 66% of the vote.

Finally, Mizrachi took out Phil Hellmuth in the Elite Eight to win the Exciting Division crown. Hellmuth had a cakewalk up until this round but again, his victory is more historic than exciting. Mizrachi took 78% of the vote and many feel he is the favorite to win it all.

In this match, we have cracked quads versus a double suckout. Both are shocking and exciting at the same time and both are among the most memorable moments in WSOP history. Which deserves to move on to compete for the title of most exciting poker hand in history? You can decide! Vote now for your favorite and check back next week to see who will compete in the finals.

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