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With the 2015 WSOP November Nine final table just around the corner, we are down to only four videos to determine the Most Memorable Televised Poker Hand of All Time.

Each category: Funny, Shocking, Impressive and Exciting has its own winner. Now its time for these category champions to face-off against one another in the Final Four.

Funny Category Champion – Ernest Wiggins

The “Loose Cannon” Ernest Wiggins steamrolled the competition for the Funniest Televised Poker Hand ever during a telecast of the PokerStars Big Game, Season 1. Despite getting all his chips in as a huge underdog versus all-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, Wiggins went along with Hellmuth’s offer to “run it four times.”

The result was a hilarious victory for the Loose Cannon, who ultimately took three-quarters of the entire pot by sucking out on the Poker Brat three times in a row.

This hand advanced to the Final Four by a 2-to-1 margin and will now compete against the Impressive category winner to determine which video makes it to the Finals.

Impressive Category Champion – Tom Dwan

Eight-handed flops may be commonplace in your local $2/$5 game, but poker superstar Tom Dwan was able to successfully shut out top-notch talent to take down an epic pot during a High Stakes Poker episode.

The most impressive aspect of the hand was the fact that “durrrr” was holding a far inferior hand compared to many of his fellow competitors. Barry Greenstein was the last person to muck his cards in the hand, and Dwan raked in $237,700.

This hand earned 62% of the vote against its category finals opposition, which was Phil Ivey’s heads-up dominance at the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions.

Final Four Matchup #1 – Ernest Wiggins vs. Tom Dwan

In spite of Wiggins’ epic quartering of Hellmuth, Tom Dwan’s High Stakes Poker performance is a significant favorite in this matchup. Unless something unexpected happens, look for “durrrr” to make his way to the Finals of the Most Memorable Televised Poker Hand of All Time.

Shocking Category Champion – Justin Phillips

How often are Quads and a Royal Flush dealt in the same poker hand? WSOP announcer Lon McEarchern says 1-in-2.7 billion. Justin Phillips‘ Royal Flush beat out MotoYuki Mabuchi’s Quad Aces in a classic 2008 WSOP Main Event hand.

Phillips’ subsequent I Love Raymer shout out was funny (considering he was aiming it at Everybody Loves Raymond actor Ray Romano) but the statistical improbability of such a hand is what makes the video clip of it so memorable.

This hand won the Shocking category finals by a 63% to 37% margin, against Jean-Robert Bellande calling his own bad beat in that same WSOP Main Event.

Exciting Category Champion – Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi

How exciting can a “November Nine” WSOP Main Event Final Table format be? All you have to do to find out the answer is watch the 2010 telecast of Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi eliminating Matt Jarvis at the final table.

A typical race situation made for unforgettable television in an up-and-down hand between Mizrachi’s Ace-Queen and Jarvis’ Pocket Nines. Both players experienced gut-wrenching community cards and held huge advantages post-flop, but it was The Grinder who eventually survived to play another hand.

This hand took 78% of the vote in the Category Finals versus Phil Hellmuth’s 1989 Main Event win over The Orient Express, Johnny Chan.

Final Four Matchup #2 – Justin Phillips vs. Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi

This could be another convincing victory for the 2010 WSOP November Nine hand between Mizrachi and Jarvis. Justin Phillips may have 1-in-2.7 billion odds on his side, but the excitement, emotional outpouring from the live audience, and epic play-by-play from Lon McEarchern and Normal Chad will likely influence which video goes on to the Finals.

You Decide: Which Hands Deserve To Be In The Finals?

When all is said in done, Poker Update Readers will decide the Most Memorable Televised Poker Hand Ever.

Vote Now for your favorite. We’ll see you at the Finals!

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