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Over the last couple of week, the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been placed under a microscope. The industry is under fire from multiple sides and the legality of DFS has become the primary topic of discussion for the industry.

Some of you poker purists out there have voiced your displeasure over the amount of chatter on the topic and we understand your concern. Those that love fantasy sports and DFS will hype they industry for hours but the rest of us would rather just play poker. Below are five reasons why DFS doesn’t, and shouldn’t, matter to online poker players.

DFS is a 7-Day a Week Job

If you’re a serious DFS player with any real hope of winning, then you must completely immerse yourself in your sport of choice. For most of, that is football. Every day you must spend a portion of your day checking up on each and every team in the National Football League for player updates, injury reports, and anything relevant that could impact your team’s performance on game day.

For those of you that play multiple sports, the commitment could be one that you have to invest time in nearly every day of the year. In short, DFS has become a 7-day a week job. Online poker players don’t have such a rigid schedule to keep. If they decide they want to take a couple of days off to spend time with family and friends, it will not negatively impact their game when they return.

Even then, Everything Can Change in a Couple Plays

You can study every team, every player and account for every single angle and still have a really bad week if things go sideways on gameday. On the second play from scrimmage, your “can’t miss” quarterback of the week suffers a concussion and is out of the game. Over in another game, your starting running back suffers a high ankle sprain and is out for most or maybe all of the game.

All of a sudden, your week is ruined in a couple of plays. The hard work you put in all week is down the drain and your wagers are worthless. Online poker players don’t have to rely on other players to perform well on game day because they are their own team. How well you do is based on your individual performance and not on whether random players can avoid injury.

You Cannot Rebound from Mistakes in DFS

You spend all week putting together your DFS squad and then once the games start, you discover that two of your players are out because of illness. On Saturday, you decided to watch College Football and missed a key report revealing their illnesses. What do you do? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do. Once your team is set and the games start, you cannot change them. See you again next week.

If you’re playing online poker and make a mistake or two, you can rebound from your mistakes. Made an ill-timed bluff and got caught? Unless you got stacked, you can change your game plan. Lose a buy-in in a cash game because you played too loose? No problem. Just buy back in and tighten up. You don’t get this flexibility with DFS.

You Don’t Have to Worry About “Insider Information” With Online Poker

You sit down to play a game of poker on PokerStars NJ and Greg Merson ( Ambassador) sits down at your table. Do you worry about whether he is using insider information to beat you at poker? No. You’re more concerned over the fact you’re playing a former Main Event champ and two-time bracelet winner.

Online poker players don’t have to worry about “insider trading” or other insider information affecting their games if someone from another company decides to play on their site. Even if that player has watched all the top pros play on another site, that doesn’t guarantee he can execute those strategies or that he even understands them completely.

DFS players don’t have that guarantee. Recent reports have revealed that employees from certain DFS operators have taken winning lineups and played them on other sites. This type of insider trading makes DFS a bit suspect for some players and is reminiscent of the superuser scandal with Ultimate Bet.

You Can Win More Money Faster on Sunday With Online Poker

You have heard all the commercials about how much money you can win each week playing on Fanduel or DraftKings, but the reality is that you can win money much quicker and without all the daily research, playing online poker.

DFS for football takes an entire weekend to play out thanks to your Sunday Night games and Monday Night Football. Later in the season, you will have Saturday games to contend with as well.

If you’re playing online poker, you can win money much faster regardless of the type of poker your play. Online poker tournaments take a few hours as opposed to two or three days (in most cases) and the earning potential greatly exceeds that of DFS on a weekly basis. Factor in cash games and your earning potential is almost limitless.

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