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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

An age old adage that is currently pouring out of mouths in the customer service department of the social gaming giant, Zynga.

If you turn back time to the beginning of September, you may recall the sound of the fanfare as the creative minds at Zynga rolled out their new and improved version of Zynga Poker.

The hood had been slammed shut, and iOS and Android devices were now conveying 3D images, artful animation, and superlative sound. The game even contained nifty new nuances, such as an alert that told you when your buddies were online, and algorithms that seated players with other players of similar skill.

But none of that means jack diddly squat if your customers don’t need any of those bells, and want to rip the head off a baby because of the sound of the whistles.

It seems that somewhere along the way, Zynga got it very wrong. Fortunately, they aren’t allowing pride to stand in the way of progress. Especially, when you consider that the original Zynga Poker was responsible for 24% of total gaming revenue in the Q2 earnings report.

Old School Ways Preferred by Many

Jon B. Liu, Vice President of Games at Zynga Poker, has released a new blog post on the Zynga site advising customers of the decision to bring back the old version of Zynga, and offer new and old on both iOS and Android devices (with the latter coming later in the year).

The original game will be rebranded as Zynga Poker Classic, and the newer version will retain the name Zynga Poker.

Liu wrote: “Since the launch, we have been hard at work listening closely to you and getting important feedback on your experience. We value all of our player communities and want you to know that we take the introduction of new products and features very seriously. We have heard from many of you that you like the look and feel of the new Zynga Poker, while others miss the classic design and play style of the original game.”

Players will be able to move seamlessly between the two games, and this includes your profile, history and chips.

Zynga didn’t release any financial data to support their decision to head back to ‘old school,’ but you won’t have to wait long to get that information. Zynga plan to host a special Webcast to discuss their Q3 results on 6 Nov., 2014.



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