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Zynga Poker Accused of Rigging Games

Zynga Poker, the popular Facebook poker application, has recently been accused by someone who claims to be a former contractor for the company of rigging their poker games.

The post comes from Reddit, a social news site where registered users create news posts via a link or simple text. The posts are then “liked” or “disliked” to determine its position on the front page or other pages of the website.

In just fourteen hours of the post being placed on Reddit, it has already acquired over five thousand up-and-down votes and over one thousand comments on the subject. It has even been posted up as an NVG thread on TwoPlusTwo.

The post came from the user “Mercenary-Games”, while information is hard to find on them, it appears to be a team of developers who had worked for Zynga Poker before. The user claims that the gaming company used to spy on players, viewing their gaming data and habits in an attempt to effectively monetize from each regular player and resorted to tweaking codes for the sake of profit, not entertainment.

The user also makes the claim that the company relies on metrics to maximise on features which are popular to players at that time, most noticeably on players who’ve spent a significant amount of money on the game. He claims that up to 5% of the audience have spent up to ten thousand dollars on Zynga games.

The claims have come after reports that Zynga were to look into real-money poker games in the future. Zynga had previously raised $1 billion after it turned public back in December.

However, the claim does suffer in a lack of evidence. There is nothing to prove that the user was a contracted worker to the company other than an image of a termination contract. Whether this is from the company or something that has just been written and printed out by any user has yet to be identified.

Nevertheless, it has brought attention to many users on Reddit and TwoPlusTwo, splitting them down the middle. Some believe that this shows a gaming company preying on those with addictions to their games for the sake of making money, while others claim this is just a employee who has left on bad terms or a joker.

It will be intriguing to see the response Zynga will have to make of this accusation.

PokerUpdate will keep you informed on any update to the story.

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